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  • Yoga for weight loss is a great helper not only to help you lose weight, but to change your whole life, provided that every year, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Yoga exercises for weight loss and the rules for performing them.
    1 September 2021
  • Diet for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Eating habits, allowed and prohibited foods, helpful recommendations.
    9 August 2021
  • Learn the detailed menu of the 4-week Maggi diet, based on eggs and cheese. After studying its features and the list of allowed products, you can prepare healthy and delicious meals.
    6 July 2021
  • What is pancreatitis? Types of menus for pancreatitis. Recipes for healthy dishes. Sample menu for exacerbation of the inflammatory process.
    5 July 2021
  • To lose belly fat, you need to actively pump. Top exercises for slim waist. Exercise is not good for your waistline.
    19 June 2021
  • The Lazy Diet is a great solution for those who want to get in shape but are not ready to give up their favorite foods.
    9 June 2021
  • How to lose weight quickly and effectively at home. Is it possible to lose weight without dieting, exercising and taking pills and what to drink to lose weight. The most effective ways to get rid of excess weight at home.
    31 May 2021
  • Learn what a ketogenic diet is. All foods that you can eat and a complete weight loss menu.
    27 May 2021
  • Popular weight loss diets are short-term, but difficult to tolerate due to many restrictions, or long-term, where the weight won't drop quickly. Which diet to choose and the most effective - read this article.
    26 May 2021
  • Find out what weight loss nutrition and exercise plan should have to help you lose weight in one month. How to do it at home and in the gym |
    25 March 2021
  • Kefir diet, seven-day diet with kefir, diet kefir "Star", diet kefir with cucumber, dessert "Cream-kefir", soup kefir.
    8 March 2021
  • The basics of following a 6 petal diet for weight loss. Prohibited and permitted products and their selection criteria. Approximate diet menu for 6 days, contraindicated.
    15 January 2021
  • The main principles of nutritional therapy and the need to adhere to the diet for gout. Products are allowed and prohibited. Fasting with exacerbations of the disease.
    9 January 2021
  • How to lose weight at home using folk methods: effective recipes with herbs, bath water and juices for weight loss.
    9 January 2021
  • Is it possible to lose 7 kg in a week and how to do that? Weight loss programs with and without daily home diets and exercise.
    7 January 2021
  • Watermelon diet, watermelon test for nitrates, contraindications, watermelon diet - menus and results, watermelon diet, watermelon-kefir, protein diet andbread.
    6 January 2021
  • Many people suffer from pancreatitis and stomach pain. What should you diet, what you can and can't eat?
    20 December 2020