Diet for acute and chronic pancreatitis: what, what can you eat and what not

diet for pancreatitis

Nowadays, many people with pancreatitis, do not know how important diet is for pancreatitis. Pancreatitis due to malnutrition and toxicity.

Gentle diet for pancreatitis

Rest your pancreas for the first days after the exacerbation of pancreatitis. On day 3, allow to drink sugar-free tea and viscous water. From day 5 add pureed carrots, mashed potatoes. River fish is chopped, made from cha, pate, cutlet. Milk, curd pudding are allowed.

For pancreatitis, a very important first course, you can cook noodle soup. You can add low-fat sour cream. Steamed beef and chicken are allowed. It is better to choose river fish. Cottage cheese should be consumed non-acidic, low in fat. Dutch cheese and hard cheeses are allowed. Pasta, homemade noodles are added to soup.

Diet to lose weight with pancreatitis

Diet for pancreatitis is the most important therapeutic factor, much more important than all drugs. They play a supporting role. It is not surprising that pancreatitis causes overeating and poisoning.

Eliminates alcohol, spices, and bacon. Buy a twin boiler. Getting rid of fat will help you lose weight. It is better to chop veal, turkey into minced meat and make a stew.

Diet 5 for pancreatitis

diet number of years

It has the following basic principles: not to take hot food, delicatessen, rub it. It is very useful to drink rose hip water.

Diet table for pancreatitis is a required part of treatment. Diet 5 is a healthy diet that benefits both healthy people.

Canned foods and fatty broths are prohibited. All dishes are milled in a blender.

Healthy products: boiled chicken fillet, vegetable soup, yesterday's bread, milk soup, buckwheat.

  • How much diet for pancreatitis? Diet for pancreatitis, if it is acute, is prescribed for a period of 6-9 months. With chronic pancreatitis - for several years.
  • What should not be included in a pancreatitis diet? Beef fat, cabbage, turnips, spinach, rutabagas, alcohol, black bread.

Examples of 5 dietary supplements for pancreatitis


200 g beef, 30 g bread, 3 tbsp. milk, 3 teaspoons. Olive oil, a little salt.

Mixes the ingredients. Divide the ground meat into pieces. Put in a double pot, pour water, cover and cook until soft over medium heat.

Milk noodle

150g flour, 2 eggs, 10g butter, 10g sugar, 350 ml milk.

Replaces flour, water and egg flour. Curl up and cut thin noodles. Pour noodles into milk and cook for 8-12 minutes.

5p Diet for Pancreatitis

Used to stimulate digestion, it restricts carbohydrates and fats. Caloric content - 2700-2800 Kcal.

What foods are allowed on the 5p diet?

  • Yesterday's bread and biscuits.
  • Soup with vegetable broth, fruit soup.
  • Meat dishes: lean chicken and veal.
  • Mushrooms, beans, spinach are prohibited. Zucchini and pumpkins are allowed.
  • Legumes excluded.
  • Do not eat more than 1 egg per day.
  • Non-acidic fruit, preferably pureed fruit.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese is allowed.
  • Allowed to use Berry gravy, sour cream sauce.
  • Fat: sunflower and olive oil. Limit butter.

Prohibited: Cakes, mushrooms, bacon, fatty meats, legumes.

Diet 5a for pancreatitis

It is prescribed when the patient also has lesions of the biliary tract. This is a diet that limits fat and cholesterol with just the right amount of calories.

Product approved

Low fat boiled beef and chicken, steamed fish, protein omelet, low fat milk, vegetable oil, a small amount of butter, buckwheat, rice, semolina and buckwheat soup. Boiled zucchini in pieces is very helpful. Vegetable soup with sour cream. Raw and baked fruit, berries. Marshmallow is allowed.

Diet 1 for pancreatitis

It is prescribed when acute or chronic pancreatitis is associated with stomach diseases.

Product approved

products are allowed
  • Egg: Protein steamed omelet.
  • Milk and cereal soups (excluding pearl barley).
  • Meat, fish: chicken, lean beef, lean fish.
  • Milk porridge made from low-fat milk.
  • Vegetables: mashed carrots, mashed beets, mashed potatoes.
  • Fruit: raw, no astringent, sweet, jam. Rosehip infusion, compotes, jelly.

Treatment regimen of pancreatitis

Don't forget that after the episode of acute pancreatitis, you need to follow the diet for 8-9 months.

So here are recipes for delicious and healthy dishes for pancreatitis. They prepare easily.

Steamed meat pudding

You need:

  • 240 g beef
  • 40 g butter
  • 20 g semolina
  • ½ glasses of water
  • 1 egg
  1. Boil meat.
  2. Put the boiled beef through the meat grinder.
  3. Combined with semolina and egg porridge.
  4. Knead the dough, place in a fat-coated baking tray and steam it to cook.


You need:

  • egg whites
  • 30 g sugar
  • 100 g strawberries
  • 20 g of flour
  • 120 g water
  • Vanillin (pinch)

Dissolve the protein and add vanillin and sugar. Use a spoon to blend in a mold coated with boiling water. Snowballs are turned over, covered with a lid and let stand for 4 minutes. Picked out to drain. Snowballs are poured with a sauce made of strawberry, flour and 10 g of sugar.

Unburnt banana peach cake

You need 1 banana and 1 peach, 250 ml of yogurt, biscuits, a glass of water and a pack of gelatin. Dissolve the gelatin in hot water. Add yogurt, stir well. Put foil on the bottom of the mold. Layered into layers: cookie layer, yogurt and gelatin layer, banana layer, cream layer, peach layer, cream layer. Refrigerate the cake - let it freeze.

Diet for one week with pancreatitis

Could not only be useful, but also delicious. Yesterday's "Maria" and "Zoological" white bread and cookies are allowed. Steamed omelet, low-fat milk, kefir, sour cream - these products can be consumed. You can eat sweet fruits, dried fruits and raisins.

What should be avoided in diet to avoid recurrence of pancreatitis? Strong broths, fried, smoked, baked goods and chocolates.

So the weekly menu for people with pancreatitis is like this.

diet for a week with pancreatitis


  • Breakfast: cookie with cheese.
  • The second breakfast: steamed omelette, bread and tea.
  • Lunch: buckwheat porridge, boiled zucchini, cheese.
  • Afternoon snack: ground apple.
  • Dinner: oatmeal, beetroot salad, baked apple.


  • Breakfast: cheese.
  • The second breakfast: carrot and green bean salad.
  • Lunch: beef with bread.
  • Dinner: vegetable soup, mashed carrot, apple sauce, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: yogurt, apple.
  • The second breakfast: baked apples, raisins.
  • Lunch: fish, buckwheat, bread.
  • Dinner: vegetable soup, bread, dried apricots.


  • Breakfast: cheese.
  • The second breakfast: boiled meat, pureed vegetables, kefir.
  • Lunch: steamed omelet, rose water, bread.
  • Dinner: rice and curd pudding, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: mineral water, crackers.
  • The second breakfast: steamed cutlets, beetroot salad.
  • Lunch: stew, carrot and pumpkin puree.
  • Dinner: boiled rice, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: steamed omelet.
  • The second breakfast: boiled meat, weak tea.
  • Lunch: steamed rice, baked apple, rose hip water.
  • Dinner: rice cake, yogurt.


  • Breakfast: cheese.
  • The second breakfast: lentil soup (during steady remission).
  • Lunch: steamed chicken, apple puree.
  • Dinner: boiled beets, boiled potatoes, steamed meat, tea.

Daily Diet for Pancreatitis

You need to eat 4 times a day. Beetroot, pork and goose, kidney, sausage, salmon, sturgeon, bacon, mayonnaise, cream, millet and barley, cabbage, turnip, rutabagas, onion, sauce, vinegar, Citrus fruits should be completely excluded from the diet.


  • Breakfast: protein omelet, rice porridge, tea.
  • The second breakfast: fresh cheese, kefir.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, steamed cutlets, mashed carrots, apple mashed.
  • Dinner: Breaded fish, mashed potatoes and tea.


  • Breakfast: protein omelet, milk buckwheat porridge, tea.
  • The second breakfast: fresh cheese, kefir.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled chicken, jelly.
  • Dinner: boiled fish, boiled potatoes, light tea.


  • Breakfast: crackers, mineral water.
  • The second breakfast: steamed omelet, a slice of white bread, a glass of milk.
  • Lunch: 200g boiled fish, a slice of white bread.
  • Dinner: 200g oatmeal, 200g carrot puree, a slice of white bread, milk tea.


  • Breakfast: 200 g oatmeal, a slice of white bread, mineral water.
  • The second breakfast: 100 g of curd pudding, 100 g of apple sauce, tea.
  • Lunch: 400 ml pureed vegetable soup, 200 g pumpkin porridge, 200 g cheese.
  • Dinner: 100 g of meatloaf, 100 g of cheese stew, 200 ml of jelly.


  • Breakfast: 200 g of mashed rice porridge, a slice of white bread.
  • The second breakfast: 200 g of rice cake, 200 g of carrot puree, 200 ml of milk tea.
  • Lunch: 400 ml of vegetable soup, 100 g of cheese stew.
  • Dinner: 200 g chicken, 200 g oatmeal, a cup of tea.

Diet for pancreatitis

Diet for pancreatitis is the main medicine. You cannot get rid of pancreatitis without following a diet. We'll let you know which foods you should give up, what you can eat and how to cook it so that your diet doesn't become a pain for you, rather than replacing banned sweets.

During the first 4 days, the patient complied with fasting therapy, drinking only water. Starting from day 5, you can drink tea with rice crackers, eat steamed omelets. One week after the attack, you can eat vegetable soup. You must not eat black bread, crackers, cakes, cakes, ice cream, kidneys, smoked sausages and canned food.

You can eat lean meat, boiled fish. Eggs that are best eaten are protein steamed omelets.

Milk is used in dishes. Boiled pasta is allowed. Millet porridge should not be used for pancreatitis.

vegetables with pancreatitis

Allowed vegetables include carrots, potatoes, and cauliflower.

Oat and rice soup is preferred. Okroshka, fish broth, meat broth are excluded.

Allowed from sweet drinks, mixes and sauces, baked apples, mashed fruits, juices and berries.

Eliminate all spices and herbs from your diet.

Rose water color is very useful. You can drink weak teas and chicory drinks. Eliminate cocoa and coffee.

You must never consume alcoholic beverages, hot spices, chips and chips, sausages, chebureks, shawarma.

Dietary table for pancreatitis types

Diet for chronic pancreatitis

The Dietary Table excludes products with a sokogonny effect and minimizing carbohydrates. Food is boiled and eaten puree.

Only yesterday's white bread is allowed, baking is prohibited. Low fat beef, rabbit meat, steamed, lean fish are allowed. Eggs - only in the form of a protein steam omelet. Non-acid curd is allowed. Should add cream, sunflower oil to dishes. Flour and rice are boiled in milk and water. Eat more carrots, zucchini, potatoes, green beans and young beans. Among the fruits, only baked apples are healthy. Drink uzvar dried fruit. Get a thermos of rose water to work with. Prepare milk sauces - they are delicious. Unsweetened sauces, seasonings, and seasonings are prohibited.

You must not eat lamb, duck, bacon, sausage, sturgeon, carp, pickles, mushrooms, coffee, chocolate, tamarind, lettuce, turnip, legumes(excluding baby beans and lentils), cranberry, pomegranate and soda water.

Diet for acute pancreatitis

Occasionally, a severe and prolonged inflammation of the pancreas can lead to diabetes. Take care of yourself, don't let flaws in your diet. When you are in hospital during the first few days after an attack, you will not be given any food. This is necessary to save as much online as possible.

Why do people get acute pancreatitis? The thing is in our ethnic tradition to arrange for hearty holidays partying with wine, a large number of fried dishes, picnic with roast lamb. We often eat on the go at McDonald's. All of these make the pancreas overactive and one day an attack comes with intense pain. Sores contribute to the disease.

On day 6, the diet was expanded by adding jelly, liquid cereals and steamed chicken cutlets.

Bacon, sauces, bacon, pies are excluded for up to one year.

Diet during exacerbation of acute pancreatitis

The Dietary Table helps the pancreas as much as possible. On the first day, warm Borjomi mineral water, rose hip broth, and tea are allowed.

On day 3, the serving size can be enlarged: add mucus soups, milk jelly, and oil-free liquid cereals.

When the pain goes away, adhere to a detailed, unprocessed diet. However, for a very long time, up to a year, you cannot eat anything fried, fatty, baked and pastries.

Diet for pancreatitis in children

Diet boards should not impede their proper growth and development. Feed children often, many small meals.

Pay attention to lean meats: veal, chicken, turkey.

If pancreatitis breaks out, steam your child's protein omelet, and if the disease goes away, steam the omelet.

Children with pancreatitis need low-fat, natural cheese. It contains calcium, which is essential for bone growth. Children love their delicious homemade cheese stew with carrots, apricots, and apples. Apples can also be baked - in this case, they also help with anemia.

Buy butter in packs of 100 g and use only with meals. Children with pancreatitis cannot stand the spread of butter on bread.

Ideal soup for children with pancreatic disease - a mixed vegetable, crushed in a blender. In winter, you can use frozen vegetables set.

Removes pork and duck from baby's menu. Do not give sausages, pickles and mushrooms, fried fish, cocoa, chocolate, turnips, radishes, beans and Ukrainian bread.

Healthy vegetables: carrots, zucchini, potatoes, beets. They should be served crushed and boiled. Add cauliflower, not cabbage, to the soup.

You can sometimes feed your baby marshmallows and candies, but very little.

Diet for pancreatitis in adults

Alcohol, taking hormonal drugs, stress, parasites, and diseases of the digestive tract are all factors in the development of pancreatitis in adults. Against the background of diseases of the stomach and liver, reactive pancreatitis occurs.

Better for the patient to cook the food in a double boiler.

What you can use:

Diet for pancreatitis in adults
  1. Vegetable soup.
  2. Ideyka, veal, chicken.
  3. Yogurt, non-sour cheese, Dutch cheese.
  4. Butter in ready-made meals.
  5. Buckwheat, oatmeal, rice.
  6. Noodles.
  7. Boiled vegetables: pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, beetroot.
  8. Roasted sweet apple.
  9. Preparations, jelly, juice, dried fruit.

Avoid alcohol, fried foods, turnips, spinach and pickles.

Allowed to eat 1 banana per day and 1 egg per day, boiled in bags.

Dietary pancreatitis response

The dietary table should take into account concomitant diseases of the digestive tract, due to inflammation of the pancreas. The most common causes of reactive pancreatitis are diseases of the liver and gallbladder, stones in it, gastritis, and hepatitis. Alcohol and fatty foods also cause seizures and must be eliminated forever. Heavy metal poisoning often occurs in toxic industries, after which reactive pancreatitis is found in workers. In women, the inflammation of the pancreas can be attributed to the use of contraceptive methods. Genetic tendencies play a role.

A pancreatitis diet provides complete physiological rest for the pancreas. Meals should be split and regular (4-5 times a day). Minimize the amount of carbohydrates, preferring protein foods. Low-fat beef, veal, chicken and fish are allowed. Eliminate broths with meat, mushrooms, and sour vegetables. Baked and boiled meat and fish, vegetables and cereals are the basis of the patient's diet of pancreatitis.

Diet for pancreatitis and related diseases

Diet for cholecystitis and pancreatitis

Cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder. Cholecystitis sometimes causes pancreatitis - pancreatitis. The cause of pancreatitis is alcoholism, stress. With pancreatitis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea occur.

Protein should be dominant in the patient's diet. Exclude spicy, smoked, fried, and salty foods. Food is boiled.

Drinks to treat cholecystitis and pancreatitis: the juice is not sour, the water is spring color.

Allows yesterday's white bread. From dairy products - homemade cheese. Vegetable soups, protein omelets, jam and honey are allowed.

What excludes? The diet for pancreatitis does not include fresh baked goods, fatty fish - salmon, catfish, pink salmon, fatty meats, marinated meats, smoked meats, pickles, alcohol, cocoa, chocolate, ice cream, soda, millet, corn, pearl barley porridge, legumes, cabbage, grapes, etc. v. figs.

Diet for pancreatitis and gastritis

Pancreatitis and gastritis are very dull, even occurring in children. We used to pamper them, buy sweets - and here is the result.

The best meat is chicken and rabbit. Rolls and mashed potatoes are prepared from them.

For those who cannot imagine their table without fish, carp, sea bream and pike, cutlets and pates from them are suitable.

Healthy vegetable dishes, carrots, mashed potatoes, lentils. Mashed vegetables, stews (without sauce, with refined oil), mashed potatoes, and puddings are common.

Curds, especially low-fat cheese casseroles, may also include a diet for pancreatitis and gastritis.

Black bread, chocolate and cakes are prohibited.

Diet for diabetes and pancreatitis

By choosing the right diet, pharmacological treatment for diabetes and pancreatitis can be minimized.

The fasting time in acute pancreatitis is 1-4 days. For 3-4 days, nutritional therapy is prescribed in small portions. For example, rice porridge with milk half with water and a protein omelet. Porridge can then be cooked in well-tolerated whole milk, which can be included in a low-fat, low-fat diet with no sugar. On day 8-9, add the meat in the form of steamed soup, on day 10 - in the form of dumplings. We exclude meat, mushroom-based juices, lamb and lard, sour dishes, legumes, radishes, garlic and chocolate from the diet. Prohibit the use of sugar, jam, candy, sweet fruit, honey, grape juice for diabetics!

Use white soups, vegetables and whole grains (especially buckwheat) dry with sour cream.

Steamed cutlets, soups, dumplings are made from veal and chicken.

Cod, pike and other lean fish are cooked in a double boiler.

Low-fat, non-spicy, low-fat cottage cheese, semolina and oatmeal, pureed carrots and pumpkins, raw acid-free crushed apples, tea with sugar-free milkUse butter in ready-made meals, not on sandwiches.

Diet for diabetes and pancreatitis

If you have diabetes, diversify your diet with vegetable soups, 200 grams of lean meat per day or boiled fish, pasta (maximum 150 g per day).

The diet for pancreatitis and diabetes allows you to consume up to 250 g of potatoes and carrots per day. No more than 1 egg is allowed. in dishes. It will be very helpful if you drink 1 glass of kefir per day. Rarely eat cheese and sour cream. Low-fat natural cheese is very useful, as is dishes made from it (casseroles, cheese cakes).

Rose tea and unsweetened green tea are very helpful.

Diet for ulcerative and inflammatory pancreatitis

The diet must be broken down, you must avoid the following foods: coffee, chocolate, mushrooms, alcohol, fish broth, canned food, pickles. Lean meat, fish and non-acidic cheese are allowed. You cannot smoke meat and fish, fry, just steam, simmer, and bake in the oven. Soft soups and pureed vegetables are useful, all food should be soaked in water.

Diet plays a leading role in the treatment of pancreatitis and ulcers. In the first days after pancreatitis and ulceration, rapid. On the 3rd day, you can eat mashed potatoes, drink jelly. Gas free mineral water and steamed meat, fresh cheese dishes are allowed. After the pain subsided, the patient ate dishes from oatmeal or crushed rice. Rice porridge can be cooked in milk diluted with water. Protein omelets are also very suitable. On day 7, you can include vegetable soups, pureed carrots, and low-fat meat in your diet. From the fruit you can eat baked apples, plums, pears. Fish is consumed up to 200 g per day, only low in fat.

Diet for gastroduodenitis and pancreatitis

Gastritis, duodenal inflammation and pancreatitis occur a lot during their student years. How to eat properly so as not to cause another flare-up?

What kind of bread can you eat? Only white, of yesterday, slightly dry.

Allowed to use vegetable soups and cereals, incl. dairy products.

Lean beef and chicken are great for meat. Cook pâté and meat soups, steamed cutlets, meatballs, and dumplings.

Anabas, cod and pike are great for making delicious fish and pate soup.

Suitable side dishes: mashed potatoes, beetroot, buckwheat.

Prepare delicious vegetable stews and casseroles.

It is better not to feed the patient eggs during the acute phase, you can only provide protein, without the yolk, in the form of steamed omelets.

Remove black bread and raw vegetables and fruits, sturgeon, salmon, pork, and duck from the menu.

Diet for pancreatitis and hepatitis

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. It is often associated with pancreatitis. In hepatitis, only part of liver cells perform their function, part are inactive and are replaced by connective tissue. This phenomenon is called fibrosis. Each liver cell performs many functions of detoxification, synthesis and production of bile, participating in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates.

Chronic hepatitis is usually not only caused by viral liver damage, but also by parasites, aggressive drugs and tuberculosis, hypothyroidism, obesity, lead poisoning and chloroform.

A purification and diet plan for pancreatitis and hepatitis looks like this:

  1. Do not eat fatty, fried or spicy foods. Radishes and radishes are poorly tolerated. Focus on what disease is leading in laboratory indicators.
  2. Take alternative yeast when indicated.
  3. Treat for dysbacteriosis if you have them.
  4. Check for worms.
  5. Vitamin treatment.
  6. Monitor your blood iron level.

Fruit jelly and marshmallows are very useful carbohydrates. Eat foods with magnesium, phosphorus, and cobalt. You can use non-acidic juices.

What is forbidden? First of all are fatty meat, fatty fish, fish broth, mushroom broth, fish oil, heart, cocoa, canned food, onions, mustard, strong vinegar, alcohol and cream.

Cheese, buckwheat, lean fish (pike, cod) are very helpful.

Diet for pancreatitis is an irreplaceable primary treatment with pharmacological agents, as only adherence to the diet helps to clear the pancreas.