Diet for quick weight loss with six petals from Anna Johansson

In pursuit of an attractive form, people are willing to endure a lot of hardship, one of which is the diet. Now there are a large number of them: you just have to choose the one you like best and meet all of your requirements. One of them is the 6 petal diet.

The basic principles of the diet

The author of this approach is Anna Juhansson, who relied on a separate meal-by-meal diet. So the doctor developed a six-day program that falls on one day of the week. And the effect is due to the rotation of carbohydrates and proteins during the day, which does not put the body under severe stress, limiting it in food. That is, a person eats a reduced amount of only one product allowed per day. Anna Johansson herself developed 6 (7) petals for her daily diet. It looks like this:

  1. Fishes are allowed on Monday.
  2. Vegetables on Tuesday.
  3. Chicken on Wednesday.
  4. On Thursday - cereals (porridge).
  5. On Friday - fresh cheese.
  6. Saturday - fruit.

Also note that you cannot eat unlimited products allowed. So fish can be eaten 500 gr per day, vegetables - 1, 5 kg. , Meat - 500 gr. , Cereals - 200 gr. , Cottage cheese - 500 gr, fruit - 1, 5 kg. With such a diet, you can lose 600-800 grams per day, which is a quick result.

According to nutrition experts, the 6-pointed diet is one of the lightest, simplest diets, as it includes a wide variety of foods, broken down for 6 days.

Key Benefits of the Seven (6) Petal Diet:

  • There is no need to starve. The body is supplied with enough calories so there is no feeling of hunger.
  • No calories required. Balanced diet, so there is no need to count calories.
  • There is no strict diet. No need to worry about you not having time to eat something at the allotted time, your only task is to distribute the exact amount of food needed for the day.
  • Weight loss is progressing rapidly.
  • It is not harmful to the body unlike the more rigorous diets.
  • The diet is varied.

Of course, like any other diet, besides the pluses there are contraindications, but we will move on to them later. Also in this article you will find sample recipes for the 6 petal diet that you can tailor to your preferences.

Food products and their selection criteria

Food is allowed for the 6 petal diet

Food is not varied or rearranged to taste or is intolerant to certain foods. It is important to choose fresh products that are clean, free of harmful additives. When choosing fruits and vegetables, you need to prioritize seasonal ones, as it is less likely to buy poor quality goods impregnated with chemicals. Then you can be sure that they will only benefit the body.

Achieving up to 5 kg is easy to achieve and does not pose as much harm to your health as other single diets.

Fish Diet

The first day of the 7-wing menu assumes 500 grams of fish. At the same time, absolutely should not choose low fat fish. Cod, salmon or pink salmon will also work well in your diet. One great solution would be to eat seafood.

On this day, the human body receives protein and polyunsaturated Omega-3 acids, which are essential for dieters. These fats are easy to digest, unlike animals, and do not form a fat layer, but offer exceptional benefits. This prepares the body to move on to a more stringent vegetable-eating day.

Single vegetable diet

Diet 6 petals before and after the photo

This day starts the process of losing weight. Indeed, during the vegetable era, the body, along with a small caloric intake, received a lot of healthy vitamins and fiber. This will improve the functioning of your digestive tract (GI). In order for your body to only get the benefits and not the ability to "store" fat cells due to lack of calories, it is better to prioritize eating raw or steamed vegetables.

The main thing is to consume a small amount of spices and salt, as well as adhere to a drinking regimen, and you will find that it is not too difficult to lose about 1 kg per day. At this point, the unnecessary mucus and toxins will come out, lightness and the desire to lose weight will come.

Unlike the regular single diet, the 6-wing diet is divided into days, allowing only one ingredient per day.

Chicken Diet

On the third day you can buy chicken breast, which is probably called a lifesaver for weight loss. Indeed, it is in this white meat (the main thing is to exclude causticism in the diet where unnecessary fat accumulation) contains a large amount of protein, which is perfectly absorbed in the human body and stormmix it. Chicken fillet contains many vitamins: iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium so it is necessary for weight loss.

The protein diet is the most painless six-day diet of the diet, as one is energetic and not hungry. And in the morning, such a long-awaited minus would appear on the scale. For the time being, you can use green tea, unsweetened, purified water, and chicken broth.

Cereal diet

How to lose weight with a 6 petal diet

On cereal day, you are allowed to eat healthy grains that are fully cooked in water. Accordingly, no added sugar or salt. On this day, you can give yourself a little indulgence - eat a piece of bran or whole-grain bread. Cereals are products that need the body to release a large amount of energy for the digestive process. At this stage, you can increase weight loss thanks to the minimal heat treatment of the grain. No, of course, you won't have to eat puree porridge, but it's an alternative to steaming it overnight. The main thing is to remember that you cannot consume more than 200 grams of dry cereals per day.

The 6-pointed diet doesn't do as much harm to the body as the regular single diet, as the body is only lacking in essential substances for one day, and the next morning will get what was missing. of the previous day.

Single curd diet

On the fifth day of the weekly petal diet, eat cheese. This product, along with chicken breast, is a really good source of protein for weight loss. On curd day, you can completely replenish vitamins and minerals for the body that it is lost during diet. In the grocery basket of people who are losing weight these days, maybe:

  • granular curds;
  • low-fat cheese (mozzarella, feta);
  • scum bean paste (tofu);
  • natural yogurt;
  • low-fat milk.

You just need to choose high quality products so your efforts don't go to waste. Only from good cheese and fresh cheese will your body get the necessary amount of calcium and beneficial trace elements. This will allow you to regain your strength and store energy. Additionally, you need to consume food in its pure form, excluding sweet fillers.

Diet with fruit

Diet template 6 petals

On the 6th day of the diet, you are only allowed to eat fruit and berries. This day is most bearable because of a delicious diet. At this point, you can fortify the tired body with essential polysaccharides, vitamins, saturate it with complex carbohydrates and also help normalize the intestinal tract.

Although the 6-pointed diet is considered a lighter version of the single diet, it still puts the body under stress and lacks certain substances every day.

And of course, you need to pay great attention to the quality of the fruits consumed, they should all be fresh and ripe. You need to eat 1. 5 kg per day. fruit, while berries can be consumed no more than 200 gr. You can also eat some dried fruits: prunes or dried apricots. To restore water balance, you can drink freshly squeezed juice, half-diluted with water.

Prohibited products

If you are going on a 6-pointed diet, then in 6 days you will have to give up foods like:

  • road;
  • breads and cakes (the only exceptions are whole grain breads and only on cereal days);
  • fast food;
  • pasta;
  • fatty and smoked;
  • what you can and cannot eat on the 6 petals diet
  • sausage and canned food;
  • soda;
  • oil;
  • fatty dairy products;
  • tomato sauce, mayonnaise and sauces;
  • alcohol
  • .

But without despair, the six-petal diet is effective enough that the results won't be long.

The six-pointed diet is not very convenient to do at work or during a trip, for example, as only one product is allowed to be eaten during the day in different ways.

6 petal menu template

Anna Johansson has developed a sample menu for the six-pointed diet. In turn, nutritionists, after revising the principles and diet, tailor them to the lifestyle of a particular country. So, on the Internet there are a lot of detailed diet recipes that can be tailored to suit your taste preferences. The main thing is to not deviate from the general principles of the diet, no matter how many temptations arise.

The first date

As you know, on the first day you need to eat allowed fish. So an approximate diet menu with six petals on day one might look something like this:

The essence of the 6-pointed diet for weight loss
  1. Breakfast - boiled pollock fillet, salmon or salmon, allowed to add a pinch of salt.
  2. Grilled salmon in foil will make for the next meal. It is allowed to add herbs and salt.
  3. For lunch - fish soup made from tuna, herbs and salt (any addition of vegetables is strictly prohibited).
  4. Pink salmon, mild salt and steamed.

Of course, to save money, you can buy one type of fish and cook in another.

To restore the water balance, you need to drink fish broth, green tea, or water with no added sugar.

Diet is forbidden for diseases of the kidneys, stomach and intestines, diabetes, pregnancy and lactation.

The second day

During this stage, you can eat vegetables in any form: raw, steamed, boiled, baked. The main thing is to exclude the oil, it is absolutely impossible to add it.

Menu for the second day:

  1. For breakfast - boil potatoes, make mashed potatoes or eat whole vegetables and add cabbage and carrot salad.
  2. Steam broccoli or cauliflower, salt.
  3. Stew a vegetable with some greens.
  4. Fresh vegetables and grilled pumpkin.
  5. For dinner, it is better to eat a vegetable salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers or cabbage and carrots.

During the break you can drink green tea and vegetable juice, diluted in equal proportions with water.

The third day

To avoid lethargy, you need to switch from carbohydrates to proteins. The detailed menu for Wednesdays looks like this:

Weight loss feature of the 6 petal diet
  1. Breakfast - one boiled chicken fillet.
  2. The next meal is grilled skinless chicken drumstick with spices.
  3. For lunch - light chicken soup with dill and parsley.
  4. For an afternoon snack - a boiled drum thigh without skin.
  5. Dinner - cooked unsalted chicken fillet.

Every day you need to eat it in small pieces - up to 6 times - to not feel hungry.


On Thursday you can only buy cereal boiled in water.

  1. Eat buckwheat porridge without being full for breakfast.
  2. The second breakfast - sheet.
  3. Lunch - bulgur.
  4. Afternoon snack - rice with salt.
  5. Dinner - buckwheat.


You can eat 6 petals on curd day:

  1. Breakfast - fresh cheese without fillers.
  2. The second breakfast - natural yogurt.
  3. Lunch - cheese and 100 ml. low-fat milk.
  4. Afternoon snack - cheese.
  5. Dinner - cheese and 100 ml. low-fat milk.

Sugar as a sweetener is excluded from foods, salt and spices are restricted. You need to consume at least 1. 5 liters of fluids per day.

The sixth day

On Friday you can buy sweet food - fruit. It is important to choose fresh, seasonal fruits and berries without adding chemicals.

  1. Breakfast - 1 banana.
  2. The second breakfast - 2 oranges and kiwis.
  3. Lunch - an apple and 2 apricots.
  4. Afternoon snack - handful of berries (raspberries, blueberries, raspberries).
  5. Dinner - orange or grapefruit.

On Saturday, there was a way out of the 6 petal diet. At this point, you can schedule yourself a day of fasting on the water or eating according to the principles of proper nutrition. It is not necessary to completely adhere to the menu presented for the week. The main thing is not to overeat and adhere to the principles of the diet.


Although there are many benefits to this diet, it is prohibited for many people. So, before starting to lose weight with this technique, it's best to consult your doctor.

Diet contraindications:

  1. Breastfeeding.
  2. Pregnant.
  3. Heart disease;
  4. Stomach and intestinal problems.
  5. Postoperative period.
  6. Kidney disease.

The 6 petal diet is loved for the simplicity and availability of the right ingredients, as well as its ease and variety of stamina. But to adhere to this diet or not - everyone has to decide for themselves. It may still not exhaust your body with rigid diets, but it is up to you to choose the right diet.